The DAK Foundation was founded by Dave and Kerry Rickards and is a small group of diverse individuals, focused on providing maximum humanitarian benefit to people in need in the developing world, in the most effective way possible, always bearing culture and context in mind. The foundation was set up as a private ancillary fund in 2010 and distributes funds through OAGDS (overseas aid gift deductibility scheme) accredited organisations in Australia for qualifying projects in developing countries.


Our Areas of work

Medical Equipment

Traveling and visiting many projects in the developing world, we observed that in many health care facilities, equipment that has been donated is second hand, unserviceable, there is no access to spare parts, and no access to maintenance and repairs, let alone operational training.

Eyesight Restoration Surgery

Through our travels we have found that in the Asian sub-continent there are huge areas with very high rates of blindness. Much of this blindness is preventable and treatable, with about 80% of the blindness caused by cataract and glaucoma.

Maternal and Child Health

The Millennium Development Goals progress report for 2014 states that while maternal mortality ratio has dropped by 45% between 1990 and 2013, much more needs to be done with almost 300,000 women dying due to pregnancy related causes worldwide.

Stories from the Field

Posted on 10th September 2015

Alive Medical Services, Uganda

Alive Medical Services (AMS) is an organisation that works with HIV patients in Kampala, Uganda. Their comprehensive care and community based model welcomes, enrols and retains a large number of patients...

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Posted on 22th August 2015

Eyesight Restoration Surgery

There is a huge backlog of simple sight restoring surgeries in Myanmar due to decades of neglect, environmental conditions and increasing life expectancy. Tipitaka Cakkupala Eye Hospital (TCEH), Htee Saung is a community based hospital...

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Posted on 18th July 2015

Capacity Building in Tanzania

The DAK Foundation have worked with Maternity Africa for many years, and support their capacity building programme, where skilled volunteers spend 6 months to a year on site and provide training to medical students...

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