Eyesight Restoration Surgery

Through our travels we have found that in the Asian sub-continent there are huge areas with very high rates of blindness. Much of this blindness is preventable and treatable, with about 80% of the blindness caused by cataract and glaucoma. In Myanmar alone, there is a backlog of 600,000 cataract operations.

We work with a senior Ophthalmologist Dr Sunu Dulal, who provides all the technical advice and evaluation of this programme, and works with local eye surgeons and hospitals to facilitate cataract, pterygium and glaucoma surgeries for people living with preventable blindness. We have put in quality assessment measures to ensure that the surgeries are being conducted at high standards.

We seek out eye clinics and hospitals that have the skills and infrastructure to perform high volume, high quality cataract, pterygium and other surgeries, and engage them to provide free service to the very poor.

In 2017 we were the sole primary funding source for 42,306 such surgeries – mainly in Myanmar, Cambodia and Bangladesh. 

For more information please contact info@dak.org.au.