Basic Emergency Medical Equipment

Traveling and visiting many projects in the developing world, we observed that in many health care facilities, equipment that has been donated is second hand, unserviceable, there is no access to spare parts, and no access to maintenance and repairs, let alone operational training.

Our objective is to provide new medical equipment to qualifying primary health care facilities in the developing world, where it will have the greatest impact.

We source new, portable and robust basic medical equipment that uses little or no consumables. We choose equipment that is user friendly and uses rechargeable batteries where possible. We purchase this equipment in bulk at discounted prices direct from the factory.

We establish in-country partnerships with health networks, building regional knowledge to work with (and avoid duplication) of equipment and training programs from other NGOs.

We assess candidates using our baseline surveys and conduct on-site assessments by local partners where possible to ensure that the equipment is needed, can be used by trained medical staff and will have impact in the local community.

We consolidate and send the ‘core’ range of equipment from our Sydney office and supply paperwork and support for shipping and transport to our partners.

We create local training programs through developing local relationships for staff from pre-approved health facilities to achieve best possible patient outcomes.

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