Our Purpose & Philosophy

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide maximum humanitarian benefit to people in need in the developing world through grass roots projects, in the most effective way possible, always bearing culture and context in mind.

Our Philosophy

  • ‘Passion’– We look for brilliant, passionate people and organisations on the ground that are focussed on providing humanitarian benefit in the most effective way possible.
  • Listen, listen and listen – We talk to people from all backgrounds, listen to all points of view, and seek advice constantly to ensure the most impact on the ground.
  • Focus on the gap – Development can be a long and complicated process, we look for the gaps where we can make a difference.
  • Business approach – We use our business skills and work together with our partners to find the most viable cost effective solution.
  • Bang for buck – We focus on finding the efficiencies to ensure maximum impact of our giving.
  • Assess risk vs. reward – We will take risks if the reward of impact is high
  • Look for scale – For greater impact and benefit to more people, we constantly look at the possibility of scale
  • Demonstrable impact – We measure outcomes as they happen